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During fifty years which followed on August 25th, 1944, the drama remained almost unknown. To live again after this drama, the inhabitants kept silent. The destroyed buildings were reconstructed, so erasing the visible tracks of the massacre. The silence gradually settled down.

In 1994, on the occasion of a first and temporary exhibition realized by the local Archives of the Indre et Loire, dedicated to the massacre of the inhabitants of Maillé, the survivors and their families based the “Pour le Souvenir de Maillé” association (For the Recollection of Maillé). They had the will to lead them painful work of memory and report and to reveal the drama. The association counts more than hundred of members, mainly survivors and victims’ families today.

The association took part in the realization of two films of testimonies in 2004, to keep audiovisual archives of their memories (70 hours of recording). The volunteers also involved a lot in the creation of the Maison du Souvenir, bringing their glance on the events, as well as a material help, by donating their archives: photos, objects found in ruins, documents …

Today, these persons participate completely in the activities of the Maison du Souvenir. They welcome the visitors, and testify in front of groups of children, moving recollections for the young generations.

You can adhere to the association Pour le Souvenir de Maillé, by clicking here: association Pour le Souvenir de Maillé.

You will return to the association the correctly informed bulletin of membership accompanied with the payment of your subscription in french check or in international cash order only.

You will so support the recollectional, educational actions and research intrigues by Maison du Souvenir.

Contact: Mr. Serge Martin, President of the association


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