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Exhibition « Visages du 25 août »


 Mauricette [1]


Extended until December 31th, 2018



« Visages du 25 août » (Faces of 25 August) temporary exhibition shows the photographic work of Isabelle Vieux on the massacre of Maille.

In a year, Isabelle went to the meeting of 11 witnesses. These portraits, emotionally charged, are primarily the result of these meetings, conversations and these moments shared between the photographer and the survivors of the massacre.

Following this series of photos, Isabelle Vieux continued its work on Maillé by focusing on the ceremonies that allow every 25 August to commemorate this sad event and pay tribute to the victims.



An exhibition catalog is available for sale at the Maison du Souvenir, by mail-order [3] or online [3] : Visages du 25 août, Isabelle Vieux, Edition : Brumaire-Anovi/Maison du Souvenir