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La Blanche route de Verdun / The White Road to Verdun

Kathleen Burke Hale 

Commented by Éric Labayle and Sébastien Chevereau 

Editions Anovi

This book, unpublished in French, traces the exceptional fate of Kathleen Burke Hale, a young American nurse, a lobbyist for the Scottish Women’s Hospital in Royaumont among the great leaders of the French army, one of the most decorated women of the Second World War…

She and her husband generously sponsored Maillé after the massacre of 25 August 1944 and still remain today in the memory of the village.

Available for sale at the Maison du Souvenir, by mail-order [2] and online [2].

La Blanche Route de Verdun, Kathleen Burke, Éditions Anovi.