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Jean Chauvin exhibition


« Jean Chauvin »

a native look on History (1939-1945)

Temporary exhibition 

visuels affiche Jean Chauvin [1] 


Jean Chauvin is 16 years old in 1940. Fond of photography, he multiplies shots of the Occupation in Touraine, despite the restrictions and prohibitions.
Very early also, he joined the Resistance, including performing intelligence missions.
Even as the war is not over, he started a working collecting everything related to it (photographs, weapons, documents…).
Major actor in the memory of the conflict in Touraine, Jean Chauvin is also the former President of Friends of the Museum of Prehistory of Le Grand-Pressigny.
The Departmental Archives of Indre-et-Loire and the Maison du Souvenir de Maille wished to honor him and make discover, through an exhibition, the man behind this monumental work of History and Memory.


Presented at the Maison du Souvenir de Maillé

From 21 december 2015 to 30 June 2016