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European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days

Visuel JEP 2014 basse définition [1]


Since July, the Maison du Souvenir hosts its major exhibition for 2014 :  Both sides : Armand, Wilhelm and others, a shared war.  This unique French-German Exhibition shows the personal correspondence of six soldiers, three French ones and three German ones (among them, one soldier of Maillé), in the turmoil of trenches of First War World.


Trombi Tartre [2]

At the occasion of the European Heritage Days, the Maison du Souvenir will complete this exhibition with six other new portraits of local  » Tommies ».

(Erratum : contrary to what advised in the official program of the European Heritage Days, thanks to note that it won’t be an exhibition of propaganda postcards).


Presented at the Maison du Souvenir de Maillé, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 september 2014.

Continuous days from 10:30 à 18:00.

Regular admission fees of the Maison du Souvenir.