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From a war to the other one

Exhibition « 1919-1939 : from a war to the other one »


How did we go from the « Very Last One » to the most deadly conflict in History ? From the difficult next days of the First World War to the rise of the dangers and the inevitable return to the war in 1939, this exhibition offers an overview on economic and politic landscape of this troubled interwar period. It helps understand how the second conflict ensued from the peace treaty negociations and the new politic roles of the European countries after the first one. It shows also the opposition between the pacifism at any price in some countries and the rise of belligerent totalitarianism in others. It talks as well about the role of the economic crisis of 1929. An exhibition by the Directorate for Commemoration, Defence Estate and Archives of the French Ministry of National Defence, to understand the inevitable walking towards the war and how this Second World War was a direct result of the first one.

Until 27 June 2014

at the Maison du Souvenir de Maillé !