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Signs of Collaboration and Resistance

Exhibition : « Signs of Collaboration and Resistance »

From 2 October to 20 December – Extended until 30 December

From June 1940 to the liberation of Paris, the propaganda implemented by the occupying forces and the Vichy regime is omnipresent on all walls in France. In order not to let the monopoly of expression to the only Germans and the Pétain’s Governement, the Resistance tries to reply to this propaganda and starts a war of images and information.


28 exhibition panels composed this exhibition. They enable to show the way the German occupying forces and their French allies have marked the French territory with their symbols. They also point another kind of Resistance, less known, far away from those of the Resistant who, weapon in hand, attacks a convoy. Those which, despite derisory means and incurred risks, tries to reply with posters and tracts to make listen the voice of the Free France. This war of communication is decoded and explained in « Signs of Collaboration and Resistance », presented at the Maison du Souvenir de Maillé from 2 October to 20 December 2013.