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Book signing: Sylvie Pouliquen « The album of the Resistance: Women and men in the shadows »

On November 17th 2012, at the Maison du Souvenir, Sylvie Pouliquen presented her book. Daughter of a couple in Resistance, the author, who is also the director of the René Descartes museum chose to pay tribute to all those who were opposed to the Nazis and the Vichy regime.


 This book honors the courage and determination of these women and men in the shadows, all opinions mingled, who paid with their lives for the will to say «no». Into the 300 pages of this book are Resistant’s portraits, famous or fallen into oblivion. The purpose is to establish a chronicle of these multiple acts of resistance, from the publication of underground leaflets to armed fight. Hundreds of facts are thus highlighted.


The book is richly illustrated, including a large number of photographs of symbolic objects of the struggle against the occupier from the collections of regional museums.