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Maillé, then and now

From July 6th till September 17th, 2012

“Where are the ruins? » This question comes up frequently at the desk of the Maison du Souvenir. When we explain to visitors that the village was completely rebuilt with the exception of a farm, they imagine that there are no longer visible traces of the massacre and destruction suffered by the village.



Through this exhibition of postcards, the Maison du Souvenir proposes to rediscover the village of Maillé from early twentieth century.

Comparison of these images with current photographs showing the same scene shows traces of the August 25th, 1944 on the houses of the village of Maillé : change in the architecture of buildings, roads widened, the village from yesterday and today is both very similar and very different.

Magdala est peintre d’art sacré contemporain et peintre de sujets historiques. Elle est notamment l’auteur de deux expositions itinérantes, l’une sur les Apparitions Mariales en France, l’autre sur la spiritualité Thérésienne.

Ribac est peintre-sculpteur. Ses expositions parlent de la condition humaine et de l’avenir de la planète. Il est en particulier l’auteur d’œuvres construites selon une « dynamique numérique » qui lui est personnelle et qu’il applique à l’image.

Ensemble, ils sont les auteurs d’une exposition itinérante « Les Toiles de la Paix » : panoramique de l’histoire de l’humanité, des origines à nos jours ; ayant essentiellement pour étapes les cathédrales de France.

« Sous le signe de la mémoire », autre exposition commune, évoque les drames et les tragédies de l’humanité.

    European heritage days September 15th and 16th 2012

Journées patrimoines 2012


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Divided Touraine – the demarcation line

from April 1st to August 30th, 2011

The Maison du Souvenir of Maillé realized this exhibition in partnership with the Academic Inspection of the Indre et Loire and the General Council of the Indre et Loire. During the second world war, the demarcation line, fixed by the armistice of June 22nd, 1940, is the limit between the free zone in the South and the occupied zone by the German army in the North of France. It cuts France in two through thirteen departments and on about 1 200 kilometers. On November 11th, 1942, the German army invades the whole French territory. On March 1st, 1943, the demarcation line is officially abolished. The exhibition reviews the current researches, by finding the most precise plan of this arbitrary border. It redraws the daily life, the administrative complications to obtain of the famous pass … It evokes the world of the smugglers who, in an non armed resistance, refused the laws of the occupant, often at the risk of their life.


The priest Henri Péan, the underestimated leader of the Resistance in Touraine and in Vienne

March 1st, 2011 – March 31st, 2011

The Maison du Souvenir realized this exhibition in partnership with the municipalities of Draché, la Celle Saint-Avant and Maillé. The first day took place on February 11th, 2011 in Draché, in the presence of Monseigneur François Du Sartel, general vicar of the diocese. Priest of the parishes of Draché, la Celle Saint-Avant and Maillé from 1930, the priest Henri Péan was, under the occupation, the soul of the Resistance in the South of Touraine. From 1940, he is used to make crossthe demarcation line to more than 2 000 fugitives, among whom of numerous Jews and allied airmen. He also forms a network of information and action. At the head, he organizes parachutings, passes on major information in London, factory of false papers, … Arrested by the Gestapo in February, 1944, he dies under the torture. He gave evidence of a total self-abnegation and a real contempt of the danger, in the service of all those who, as him, fought against the occupant. Archives are rare. The priest was too modest and worried of serving, to have thought of leaving testimonies. Hero of the Resistance, he thus remains underestimated. The exhibition coincides with the release of Jean – Gilles Dutardre’s eponymic book (in French only) in the editions Anovi, presented during the exhibition’s first day.


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